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Announcement 30/4/2016

Hi all! for those who are seeing this post, it means that you have been successfully redirected to the new site!!! congrats!!!! but as you may see all the release posts are now gone, but you can still access the chapters from the project page! enjoy the chapters! the migration process will take about 48h before everyone is up to date with the new site. Do tell me if anything is wrong with the site!!!!

Chapter 48 will be out soon too! just 1/4 more to go. probably in 15h or so~

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken LN Review

Author: Fuse
Illustrator: Mitz Vah

A reincarnation story of a single guy who have never had a girlfriend. Those who like re:monster will probably like this story very much as well. Unlike Rou from re:monster, this guy is reincarnated into a slime but not without any special abilities. The funny thing is that his special abilities are all related to the moments of his death. The various thoughts he had before dying are all converted into special abilities example like "The Great Sage" cause he was still a virgin at the age of 37. This came from the story that if man remained a virgin at 30, he will become a "Sage". So at 37 he will become a "Great Sage".

But this MC is really a great guy for taking the blow for a friend and dying in the process. Moreover I like the way the author describe the MC actions as a slime. Devouring a dragon(which is his friend) or rather storing him with his ability. Having the ability to steal abilities by eating his prey. And a direction idiot.Not to mention how he like his shiny look(he got an ability to become something like a metal slime)! How can one not like such a slime!

There are other slime tensei story but just for this story I will give it a 8/10. Great for entertainment value!

Crocro Clock LN Review

Author: Hitoma Iruma
Illustrator: Kurehito Misaki

This LN is a mystery LN about 6 people and 6 gun. And yes the prologue is also such a mysterious prologue. With no idea of what exactly is going on, it has this weird attraction of making you continue reading. The prologue is about these 2 guys, one who is an intruder who, for some weird unknown reason, remained in the other guy's house even after he was discovered by the other guy who is the owner of the house. The funny thing is this owner, appeared from the ground with a shovel. He was, again for some weird unknown reason, digging holes in his garden. Of course a fight ensures, but not without the owner smashing his house apart first. Well the prologue is one that does not makes any sense but yet for some reason drags one into continuing it. Maybe this is the true mystery of the story. Since they do not even appear again.

So how these 6 people get their guns? Well there is a underground vendor selling them. Ironically all of them got it on the same day from this guy.The funny thing is that this guy accidentally sold his fake gun along with the real guns. So out of the 6 person, one of them is holding a toy gun thinking it is a real gun. To prevent spoiling too much, there seems to be grudges between the other characters introduced later. A hired hitman, an elementary school kid, a Neet?, a private investigator, a pottery maker and a high school student. How do they all fit in this mystery novel? Is it the missing gun or the grudge? But rest assured, the guns in this novel do kill.

The author uses the changing of perspective to switch the story about from different characters' views and it is interesting to see how they slowly link with each other. So I rate this novel a 6/10 simply because it is kind of messy in my view. It is good for a short fun read but it does not make you want to continue the next book.

Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria LN Review

Author: Takayama Seiichi
Illustrator: Yukisan

Well please look at the illustrations first! 3 girls surrounding a guy. First thought HAREM! YES! This is another Harem story with the MC attracting many girls. The story starts with telling of a legend about how one will be transported to another way if they look into the mirror in a enshrined in a shrine. And this story is supposingly fake as the elements in this legend are added over the years by the people, rather than it being passed down properly by the people. Then it goes to the MC side with him, participating in a test of courage. And of course everyone knows what will happen next, the MC tried to show off to his childhood friend and attempted a selfie. Yes a selfie with the mirror! Gosh this is obvious that it is a flag for the activation of the supposingly fake legend. And the MC get transported to another world? that summoned him with a ritual.

Well, next the author advanced by flashing forwarding 2 years into the future whereby he has already become a leader and a sort of commander who commands a huge amount of troops fighting for the tribe that he has joined. At here the author mentions about the people who are chosen by gods, being able to wield special abilities. Well this is certainly a way to skip through the slow pace parts where the MC has to go through different tribulations before reaching that stage but this does dampen the mood of the sudden transition into another way. I wanted to know how he became a leader. Hope that the author withheld the story for it to be told in the future like how is it done in Campione. But no doubt this story is definitely advancing towards the style of commanding whereby the MC showcases his abilities. BTW just for baiting your interest, he got 3? more girls the moment the author brought the story to 2 years into the future. (to be honest I kinda lost count of the number of girls that appeared but there are 3 main ones) With the childhood friend, that is a total of 4 girls with one missing as shown in the cover above.

This story uses Norse gods as backing for the special powers so you can expect fierce fights to occur in this story on the scale of war. Btw the MC does not have any special powers but rather uses knowledge from the 21st century with the help of a smartphone. Well it is abit forced but this has definitely made the story more reasonable. After all he uses alot of techniques which a normal student will not have. But one good thing about this MC is that he can be absolutely evil as well. Not gonna spoil anything so yeah you just have to deal with this. Oh just an add-on he is able to call his childhood friend with that phone!

Gods, Harem, girls who can fight, transportation into another world?, a smartphone, a MC who fights with knowledge. What more do you want!! Definitely an interesting read! a 8/10 rating from me.

Next Life LN Review

Author: Jin Aino
Illustrator: Ukai Saki

A usual VR MMORPG story is what I wanted to say but the author mixed the element of reincarnation into it. The MC is a guy who died and reincarnated into his character that he played in his VR MMORPG. For those who do not know what is VR MMORPG, it is basically a Virtual Reality game. Well when he reincarnated, he was already the same character, so there is no growing up chapter or sorts. So basically he is now powerful due to his game character. It is sort of weird to have died and just appeared in another weird as a game character. This gap is probably a weakness of this story. Well miracles of stories~ Anyway as the story continues and he meets a girl (lol). A typical meeting but what happened next is also typical. Monsters! An Orc and Kobold. And MC defeats them. Sounds really typical but here is when the twist happened. These "monsters" are actually the girl's friends! This is well-played by the author, deviating from the "usual save the heroine and heroine falls in love" route. I really like surprises like these. Afterall it makes everything more interesting to read. The first companion of the MC is a girl (including her monster friends).

Looking into the development of the character of the MC, the author does seem to have neglected it slightly. The MC is just like a normal person which no redeeming features that attracts one to it. Unlike Rudd from Mushoku Tensei and Shera from Shinigami wo Tabeta, you will not see any major development to the MC or any unique background, well at least up to the parts I have read until. This LN focuses mainly on the adventures of the MC while showing how strong he is, as an overpowered character. So if you like the MC defeating everything, this is the time of story for you.

Well I have tried to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible. Do take a look at this series. I will rate this story a 7/10. Interesting read for those who loves the "adventures in another world" stories.

Shinigami wo Tabeta Shoujo LN Review

Author: Matari Nanasawa
Illustrator: Chomoran

First of all, this LN is not that of a typical harem/comedy/romance story. This is a more dark novel which focuses being on the evil side. The MC is considered a hero and yet a devil. To her allies, she is a hero, a goddess of victory but to her enemies, she is the reincarnation of the Shinigami, bringing death to them all. The soldiers under her are all fanatics of her, believing that she will triumph over all, bringing them to victory. And that with her they are invincible. Ironically, this is indeed the truth. On the battlefield, she is unstoppable, blazing through the enemies like a storm. A true overpowered character.

But another side to her, she is just a person who is true to her desires. All she cared about is staying full/her food and killing all those who are her enemies. She is a twisted person to the end. With 2 sides to her personalities, she is a very interesting MC that gives us reason to think if she is really a hero. Or a devil. Or is she just a human. An interesting read for all if you are tired of being reading the usual stories.

I rate this story a 9/10. 10/10 for those who like a bit of gore with it.