Hi I am able to do Chinese to English translation and I know abit of Japanese as well. Just here to return to the community and to support some of my favourite series.

Anyway all translations here are fan translations for fans’ views. Nothing more, nothing less. All original source materials belongs to their authors. If a DMCA comes, well the releases will get taken down.

Also if you read any of my translations on any other sites except for moonbunnycafe, they are all stolen from this site. I have not given permission to any others for hosting my translated works. Please do not support them. Thank you very much.

Q: What’s your timezone?
A: GMT +8

Q: Where do you stay?
A: Good question? I am probably lost somewhere in the space of light novels~

Q: How to do I contact you?
A: Email me at [email protected] Please do not spam me. Collaborations are welcome!

Q: What does (TL note:___) mean?
A: That is a translator’s note which is my explanations if I feel it is confusing.

Q: When’s the next chapter being released?
A: Look at the page of the series. Should be stated there.

Q: Are you a Machine Translator?
A: Nope since all the translations here are Chinese -> English. I know both languages.

Q: Can you translate XXX please?
A: Depends if I am interested in it. Give me a link to the chinese raws and a summary.

Q: Can I donate?
A: Sure you can buy me some coffee and snacks. You can paypal to my account at [email protected]

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