BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 93

Chapter 93: The Miko, Rin

Huh, what is going on?

The world will end tomorrow?


Mia looked over here as though she had something to say.

Oi, you better sit down!

「I don’t understand.」

Tamaki who is our special attack captain, seemed to be confused.

This can’t be helped.

Anyone will be confused if they are suddenly told that the world is ending.

「Do you have any proof?」

Mia asked.

Rin-san nodded with a “yes”.

「It’s the oracle」


The notice from the gods…...huh?

As expected of a world that has magic.

It wouldn’t be strange if gods existed, hence it is nothing strange for them to be able to communicate with humans.

Just now from the people that I helped in the city, I had the 2 names, Goddess of Destiny Al-Sazaar and God of War Galgos.

To them, the world with humans and gods, are perhaps very close.

If that is so, then to the people in this world, the oracle is a source of accurate information…...

Then should we take it as the same too?

Huh…… wait a minute.

Although it is an oracle, but yet we are unable to determine its authenticity?

More importantly, she believes so.

Then the People of Light seemed to have moved based on this premise.

「I understand, please continue with your topic.」

First we should gather information, that is what I have decided and hence continued the conversation from just now.

Rin-san seemed to have noticed that we don’t really believe in the “oracle”.

Even so she nodded with a “it is fine for now” look, and continued talking.

「Of course, we don’t have the intention of waiting to die. And hence that’s why we are fighting now.」

「Is the fight with the monster part of that?」

「No, the fight with the monsters is the key to saving this world from destruction.」

Suddenly she talked about world destruction, and I still don’t understand.

And fighting the monsters will save the world huh?

No, then again…...

「Do we have to explain the opponents which are the monsters to you?」

Ah, first of all we need to know this.

The 3 days that passed since we have been attacked by the orcs.

That is the greatest mystery left.

With orcs as the first, those monsters.

The things that we referred to as monsters.

Anyway, it has been mentioned like that in the Q&A so there shouldn’t be a problem.

These monsters will become gems after being defeated.

The gems will then become the exchange tokens for the Mia Vendor.

I have this feeling that they aren’t like real creatures.

But these things will attack humans blindly.

Not only massacring, the orcs will even rape the girls that they saw.

There are all sorts of strange things.

Until we have been thinking about that strange problem while being dragged into battles.

There was no one to answer our doubts and we can only keep defeating them.

「Please tell me.」

So I nodded to confirm her question, with my fists on my knees, supporting my forward-leaning body.

Arisu and Tamaki were affected by me and clenched their fists.

「Initially monsters are not the creatures of this world. For example. Hmm, Kazu, they are just like the familiars that you summoned.」

「Familiar type……? But familiars are…...」

「Yes, even if your familiars are defeated, magic stones will not appear.Because the summon contract is different and the magic to summon the familiars are also different. Please think of it that way.」

Ah I see.

If you considered it that way, then it is easily understood.

Then again, she said something surprising and important.

「The magic stones are also…… the things we called gems, tokens etc.」

Mia suddenly entered the topic.

Rin looked at Mia and tilted her head.

「That…… This is Kazu’s slave right?」

Ah shit.

Mia is wearing the collar. While the whip is held by the loyal Tamaki.

She also said out the word slave so naturally, so slavery naturally exist in this world too.

But when she was using the eagle’s vision, she did not see Mia wearing a collar right.

No, it is because she know, that is why she felt strange about Mia’s current situation.

Maa, I shall just clear it.

「This is just a PLAY.」

I suddenly said that.

Rin looked at my face and Mia’s face alternatively with a hesitate look.

Mia nodded with a “nnn”

「That is a common thing from our world. Don’t mind it.」

「Is that so. Sorry about that.」

She lowered her head and apologise.

Lowering her head is the apologistic action of this world.

Arisu, looked at me and Mia with a bewildered look, and pushed Rin-san to continue.

「According to legends, in a time long ago, Gods and man lived on this place together. The Evil God whose name is now forgotten, had used the another world’s creature as a basis and created a magic to summon monsters. After long periods of time, the gods left this place and summon ritual for the monsters with magic stones is swallowed in darkness…… that was what is supposed to have happened…...」

According to what to said, when monsters began to appear in this world, it was barely 100 years ago.

The small kingdoms, which were already destroyed, as they are about to be destroyed by the invasion of a large kingdom, they decided to gamble on getting power.

Using secret rituals and high purity magic stones from who knows where, they summoned the monster.

The summoned monster hence destroyed the invading big kingdom.

At the same time, those small kingdoms were also destroyed by that monster.

After a long time, the monster who was revived in this world, no matter whether they are friend or foe, began to spread death and slaughter.

That existence is what the other monsters called as Maou. (TL note: this is a bit confusing but basically it just means that more than 1 monster was summoned but there is one those stood out)

I see, the Maou huh?

So the Maou really exist…...

But because “Maou” was translated. So it had a weird feeling for us who of the computer gaming generation.

For example…...

Nobunaga, Alexandros, Genghis Han, etc. are being thought of as enemies ......

Ah, it feels that there is no way to win.

Well we shall not talk about that for now.

For the sake of defeating the Maou, various countries in this land sent their armies.

But what awaited them, were the countless of monsters that the Maou had summoned.

Orcs, Goblins, Giants, all the monsters that we met and battled until now.

At the same time, the land that the Maou rules over, the things of this world have all changed.

The few poor soldiers who were defeated, trampled upon, and survived, escaped back to their hometowns, left these words. It feels like they are in a rotting sea there.

The Maou is changing this world into a world that no one can live in, that was the conclusion that the Magic Users have made.

Before long, the monsters appeared all over the world.

In the forests, mountains, plains, the monsters appeared everywhere.

Even so, the humans trained their sword skills and magic for the sake of resisting against the monsters.

The 2 parties fought for the sake of their survival.

After a long period of time.

「Counting from now, it is probably around 5 years ago. The monsters began to move as though it is an organisation. At that period, there was at most a 100-sized group, then it became 1000, at times, 10000, until it became a group that can threatened the humans.」

The things worsened rapidly from 5 years ago.

Various human kingdoms were destroyed.

Although there is a part of the kingdoms calling for alliance, but the kingdoms’ organisation were not faster than the attacks of the monsters.

The places where the humans can live become drastically lesser.

Then until now.

The gathering places of the humans are left with only 7 in this land, and they are all facing destruction.

Just a mention, the so-called humans are not only people like us but also humans who are working with demi-humans.

「Then 3 days ago. 3 oracles came.」

I see, so oracles appeared here?

「The first oracle told us that 4 days later, which is tomorrow, the world will be destroyed. The second is the method to avoid destruction and what to do after this. The third…...」

Rin-san looked at us in sequence.

One by one, and nodded slowly.

「The guests from another world and working with them, is one of the methods to avoid destruction.」

「Hence you used that eagle to search for us?」

「Yes. Other than that familiar that found you, the rest of us all sent out familiars. It was lucky that one of them found some weird people fighting against the giant centaur. People from the human tribe that are wearing strange clothes. Those people, just a few of them, defeated that divine level individual. I believe that the guests from the other world mentioned in the oracle, would be you people.」

My vision landed on the gym clothes that I am wearing.

That get up is indeed strange…...

Because support magic was added, so it is not bad as a defence equipment.

「The one who summoned us to this world is the god. And he even left the job of saving the world to us, why?」

「Regarding that, I do not know. But, from the tone in the oracle, I don’t believe it is like that.」

Oh is that so.

Although I don’t know whether what Rin-san said is true…...

Anyway we still do not understand how the mountain that we were at, came to this world.

To me, I am still very grateful that the mountain is able to perfectly remain in this world.

If not for that, then I will probably disappear because of that at this timing? (TL note: he is referring the case if he did not transfer to this world and instead killed Shiba with the trap)

But to Arisu, Tamaki and Mia…...

Also there are the Shiki-san and the others who stayed at the Cultivating Centre.

But aside from that feeling, if the oracle is real, even if we are not willing to cooperate with them, it will be useless right?

We are currently in this world.

The destruction of this world is not unrelated to us.

But tomorrow huh?

The oracle is from 3 days ago, even if it is for Rin-san and them, they only had 4 days which is very tight.

3 days ago.

To us, that will be the day before we came to this world?

Is there a link with that matter to us coming to this world?

「I have some things that I want you to listen to me about, will you listen?」

「Mmm, please say it.」

「Do you know the method for us to return to our original world?」

「I don’t know what kind of method is used for you people to come to this world, that is the truth…...」

Ah, if it is like that, it can’t be helped.

I roughly explained what happened these 3 days.

The most crucial thing must be said but I also mentioned about the mysterious stone pillar that the orcs are protecting.

Indeed it is like that? Rin-san was attracted by the topic about the stone pillars.

The words written there, even for me who used 《Read Language》, I can only understand “fixed coordinates, space search, restrict scope” these few words.

But the problem is describing what kind of language that those words are in.

A pity is that, 《Read Language》 can only understand the meaning of the language.

Just what kind of language is it? Until now, I still do not know it.

And I also don’t remember what kind of words are they like…...

「Tamaki, do you still remember them?」

「I completely don’t remember!」

Tamaki raised her chest proudly.

Mmm, I guessed that too.

Naturally I don’t remember too.

「Perhaps, I am thinking it is a special magic language…… The strange thing is that, once you came to this world, your area of stay were attacked by the orcs. It is just like…...」

「Nnn. The ones who called us to this world, maybe the existence on the side of the monsters, but…...」

But this is also not unreasonable.

The one who gave us power in the white room.

That existence…… then why did he summoned us to this world?

No, wait.

The owner of the white room and the existence that summoned us to this world, what if they are not the same person?

In the time when I was thinking, Arisu, Tamakia explained the matter of the white room to Rin-san.

Rin-san said that the white room and our skill system is unique.

A complete amateur had gotten the power to defeat the giant centaur within 2 days. When Rin-san heard that, she got a shock.

Although it is surprising to a certain extent, but indeed that is how things goes?

The ones who can use the skill systems, perhaps are us and the monsters?

If it’s so…… the owner of the white room has some sort of connection with the monsters?

「Kazu, please be aware that there is no need to judge the matter too early. No, in fact it will be harmful.」

Perhaps it is just like what Rin-san had said.

And there are other things that I wish to hear.

「Do you know the mountain that we stayed?」

「Currently the other familiars are still investigating. From the scenery that everyone has said, we feel that it is at the southeastern region where the Roc Birds stayed at. You can concentrate on searching there.」

Roc bird?

I remember the scene that I saw in the evening of the first day.

The giant bird that flew while carrying an elephant.

Mmm….. Maa…… it must be some student who saw that bird from far away and decided it to be Roc Bird.

If they like fantasy, then they will probably know the term.

「If we have a familiar create a linking transfer gate, then we can send everyone back to the mountain.」

Even if we don’t do anything, we can also return there?

No, if they can let us go back, then what is the thing used for exchange?

Although I don’t know how far that southeastern region is…….

But if we walk, it will be far.

We are fighting for survival.

It will also be like that from now on.

If tomorrow is the final battle with the monsters.

And there isn’t any way we can avoid that battle.

No matter how unwilling we are, we have to participate in the battle.

Hence Rin-san judged that even if they send us back to the mountain where our school is at temporarily, there will not be any problems.

We will definitely return back to where Rin-san is at.

I will be afraid, if I hesitate, then I will not be able to decide.

That is definitely not trust or anything.

After talking to me, they have confirmed the extent on how I will move.

It is because there is the relationship of mutual benefits, I am being trusted.

「Regarding that, is there anything you wanted to hear?」

「No. Then before that, there are the things that will happen tomorrow…...」

That moment.

The outside became noisy.

Turning our heads to the entrance, we saw the figures of the male demi-human running across the bridge.

「The monsters have began invading again.」

Seems like we do not have the luxury of listening to everything.

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