BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Secret Weapon

Hearing the news of the enemy’s invasion, Rin-san and my eyes met.

I nodded and stood up.

Arisu and the others also stood up after me.

「The reason why you brought us here, is because you wanted to use us as fighting power isn’t it?」

「I wouldn’t force you. But in the current situation, we wanted to ask everyone who has the power, after all there isn’t time left.」

I looked at my 3 companions in sequence.

「No matter what I will follow Kazu-san.」Arisu smiled and said.

「Leave it to me! No matter what, I will defeat it.」Tamaki said proudly.

Then Mia used her usual tone and expression and said “Nnn. Just do what you should do, Kazu-chi”.

「Mia, you have changed.」


「How should I say it, once you calm down, you will notice it. When compared against yesterday.」

「If you want to know the reason, it should be because Kazu-chi is always beside me. So I am not anxious.」

Why will you be anxious, I tilted my head.

The corner of Mia’s mouth rose, and she smiled.

「Wanting others to admit to one’s matters, those kind of feelings.」

「If you are not around, I will be troubled.」

「Nnn. So I will not be lost anymore.」

「I understand, you are so reliable.」and placed my hand on Mia’s head while looking at Rin-san.

I shall put the matter on which part of the oracle to believe aside for now.

But I believe that fighting together with Rin-san and People of Light, will be the shortest path back to the mountain.

If that is so, then it is natural to help one’s companion who is fighting.

At least, we need to help them regain their freedom.

In the worst situation, it is fine to retreat after getting a certain amount of achievements.

「Please use us as needed.」

Rin-san clapped with a “PA”.

Before that, the room without any furniture or any movement, began to change.

Curtains covering the side of the room appeared.

No, that’s not right.

That must be something that already existed.

They probably used some illusion magic or something.

I see, after recovering from my panic, I understood it.

Why Rin-san is alone, and appeared defenselessly before us…… I understood it completely.

Actually it was not how it seems, there are probably guards waiting behind those curtains.

That magic has now disappeared.

A part of the curtains behind Rin-san rose.

I saw a female hand that was thought to be a maid’s.

A female appeared from behind the curtains.

She is wearing leather armour and had a small dagger by her waist.

For her age, she is probably close to mine.

She is a girl with snow white skin like a doll, silver colour hair and ruby red eyes.

Along with a slender bodyline, she did not have any 3rd or 4th ears like the demi-humans.

For an instant, I thought of a human.

But immediately, I realised I was wrong.

A pair of elegant and slender ears peeked out from the silver hair.

「An elf…… huh?」

The moment I said that word.

Her pair of blood red eyes, with her strong intention, pierced at me.

「Lucia, please call me that, Kazu-sama.」


I took in a breath.

It feels like I am being suffocated.

I shook my head in a panic.

And once again, looked at her in her eyes..

This time, I wasn’t swallowed like just now.

Then she nodded to me slightly.

「Ah…… “sama” is not need, Lucia…...san.」

Lucia, for an instant, met eyes with Rin-san who is sitting crossed-legged on the seat.

Rin-san grinned.

「Lucia, hopes that she will be able to serve you as a soldier for now. You can use her freely, even if you break her, it is fine.」

Wait, some incredible terms came out.

First of all, what is the meaning of “for now”?

It is fine even if I break her, what is with that.

「A month ago, she is still a certain kingdom’s king’s daughter, the 17th successor to the throne.」

An elf princess huh?

We looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Rin-san shook her head slowly.

「That kingdom is already gone. The forest that that kingdom is in were destroyed by the monsters. The King and his people and also the trees. She is under our protection, and with the meaning of the “the one who end it” in her kingdom’s language, she is renamed as Lucia as she hope to finish her clan’s last wish. Her life will be better if it was used to defeat the monsters.」

I see, now I understand.

She is just like Nagatsuki Sakura.

With her identity and position, from a certain meaning, perhaps she is considered as irresponsible…...

Well how she wanted to use her life is irrelevant to me.

Afterall, what I can protect, are at most limited to my companions, who are the people in this party and the people at the Cultivating Centre.

Although we just helped those people from the city, but in the end, we aren’t able to keep protecting all the way.

If she want to move towards the monsters, there is no way to stop and we can’t stop her.

But under the situation when we are moving together, having that kind of suicidal behaviour is quite troubling.

Even if you say that she is a pawn that can be disposed…...

「Sorry, I am a user of Summon Magic. For disposable pawns, the familiars are enough. I don’t need suicidal volunteers.」

「Well there isn’t unlimited uses to Summon Magic right?」

「If you saw the battle between the giant centaur and us, you should understand. Our battles does not need others who do not have any battle experience. They will only become a hindrance.」

Maa…… Although we are unfamiliar with it just a while ago.

Mia looked over with a “chee” expression.

I ignored it.

To the current us, outsiders like her will only cause hindrances is the truth.

But perhaps…...

The troublesome thing is that, it may not only be her.

Seeing the reaction that they had towards the giant centaur, no matter kind of power that the World Tree has gathered, they are unable to enter our fight.

We are probably very strong.

And not just exceptionally strong, but overwhelming so. Even if you add all of them together, we are probably still stronger.

Indeed, Rin-san gaze at me…...

And grinned.

Ah, this is…...

I have been had…… huh.

Now Rin-san’s expression is like Shiki-san’s.

「Please forgive the thing about probing you. Just like how you say, I wish to leave her to you.」

「What is going on?」

She had done a personality test as she had wanted to know if we are suitable for her to entrust Lucia to us.

I understand that sort of thing.

Hmm, this is fine.

But then what.

Will she be of use to us?

「Even if I use a 100 sentence, I can’t explain it, so it is better to let you see the proof. Lucia.」

「Nnn, Rin.」

Lucia and Rin nodded to each other.

Then she came before me…...

And reached out with her right hand.

Under her guide, I reached out with my right hand too.

And our hands touched.

The red membrane-like ring on my right hand, also appear on the little finger on her right hand.

The sign of being in the same party.

Huh? What is going on?

According to what Mia said, aren’t we unable to form parties with the people in this world…...

「My kingdom, for the sake of gaining the power to fight with the monsters, we have done crossbreeding repeatedly. Among one of the race, they succeeded…… and that is me, Lucia.」


「The unique experiment of the union between man and monster. The completion of the weapon now, was done after a great deal of sacrifices.」

Lucia closed her eyes.

「I will depend on you for the level up from now.」 and muttered in a small voice.

We were speechless…...

Our vision shook.

When we noticed it.

We are already sent to the white room.

In the white room, other than the 4 of us, there is also Lucia who had an “as expected” look.

Lucia surveyed the surroundings and muttered “so it’s this”.

「This is the Hall of Probability as mentioned in the oracle.」

Hall of Probability.

This is my first time hearing this term.

But….. indeed it can be said like that but you cannot also consider it like that.

Obtaining skill is equivalent to obtaining probability?

What Mia had heard from the soldiers, is that the party system and the skill system does not seem to be suitable for the people of this world.

Those abilities are specially for us who came from another world.

Although that is what I thought…...

In the white room as per usual, there was a table and chair more, and there is even a computer on it.

It should be Lucia’s computer.

「Lucia-san, can I see your computer?」

「Computer refers to that machine placed there right? Go ahead.」

Ah, indeed they don’t know what is a computer?

What is going on.

This is a room formed in my view as the leader…… is it something like that?

The screen on the computer showed Lucia’s information in Japanese as I had expected.

The name on it is also “Lucia”

This is not her real name, like Rin-san said…...

If this space is formed in my point of view, then alot of things cannot be explained.

For example, this is a standard that I can’t understand.

「Mmm. Level 1.」

Mia who was beside me, peeked at the computer screen and spoke.

「So this means that Lucia-san formed a party as a Level 0?」

「Ah, it seems so. Then why did you know the existence of the party?」

We looked at Lucia.

「The oracle said it.」Lucia said that blankly.

Ah, oracle huh.

That is really convenient.

As long as it is god, anything is fine.

But in reality, this room and its functions exists.

White room.


Even if you assume it to be something of god’s, it is hard to imagine the standard of the skills.

Or is it to say that, as long as there are magic, there will be some way?

Oh well anything is fine, that is the kind of feeling I am having now.

「That oracle, did it say something about us?」

「The leader of the forest, Albana said. The next time we come here, those from the other world will give us power. We are born for this, and hence cultivated as a person. My kingdom will probably use my power and conquer the land.」

Conquer the land huh?

So the kingdom of Elves are conquerors?

No, we can’t use our common sense in our world.

But Lucia shook her head.

「But before we moved, my kingdom fell into the monster army’s trap. Perhaps, they were targeting my power.」

Ah…… I see.

That is obvious, because this power is too dangerous.

Originally, this is a power that only we should have.

But she, although she is an existence born in this world, but yet she has the same skill system that we have.

It seems like other than Level 1, there isn’t any special changes…...

「Ah, wait, Kazu-chi. Below the skills, there is a stacked window」

Mia said so, and moved the cursor on Lucia’s computer towards the stacked window.

What appeared from behind the main window, is a window named as Special Ability.

Two terms appeared from the Special Ability window.

Magic Release

Suppression of Level up

These 2 abilities, are owned by this girl?

Then again, both looks very powerful…...

「Lucia-san, do you know about this Magic Release special ability?」

「Yes. The special crest on my body will release magic power with adjustment…… that is a secret art created by my kingdom. Regarding the creation method, it was lost with my kingdom’s destruction.」

「So you are the only one who can use that ability.」

And I asked the Q&A immediately.

First, it is about the problem of the special ability.

This was the answer.

Although it is quite freely mentioned, but the meaning is probably not wrong.

-The special ability window will show when a special ability is obtained in any method. One of the methods to attain one, includes the Mia Vendor.

Mia quickly ran to the Mia Vendor.


She said that in a low voice, with her eyes wide opened while looking at the words on the screen.

But before long…..

「So expensive.」

And suddenly came back powerlessly with her shoulders stumped.

「Indeed, so we can’t do it now?」

「We need to take out 3000 points from our reserves.」

Maa so it is like that.

Could it be that for special abilities, they are quite useful so their price is naturally high?

We faced each other and laughed bitterly.

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