DEMNW Vol 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I Am Me

7 days later.

In this city, Altana, during the period from 6am to 6pm, it will ring the bell to report the time to its citizens every 2h with 6am as one time, 8am as two times etc.

At the north gate, I have already heard the bell three times.

「Too slow.」

「Is it? Isn’t the time just nice?」

Starting with a「Hmph」, Ichika was dressed in a white Priest robe with blue stripes and a staff that was about as tall as her in her hand.


Momohina apologised cooly, but I completely can’t feel that she is reflecting on it, and there was even a brilliant smile on her face. With a wide witch hat on her head, clothes in similar colours, and a wooden staff in her hand, she seems like a lively mage.

「Forget it, it is fine.」

I walked out quickly.

「Let’s go, this is our first battle.」

「Wait a minute.」

Ichika stopped me and I turned replying:


「That get-up of yours…...」


I roughly looked at my body. Black hoodie, sport pants and sport shoes, there isn’t anything out of the norm.

「What is with this get up?」

「Don’t you feel it is strange?」


Momohina gave out a weird cry, and stared at me without evading her eyes.

「Ah, there is a sword——」


I lightly knocked on the sword on my waist.

「Oh, this? Not bad right, this is what I bought after bargaining like crazy at the market. Don’t be scared after hearing it, this is what I bought using 15 carpa, about the price of 3 meals. This is a rare good bargain.」

「...... just like that?」

Ichika frowned. As though she is suspecting something and feeling abit uneasy.

「Isn’t strange to only have a sword? After joining a guild, then after ending the 7 day beginner course, you will be able to get a basic equipment set. Though the best you can get, is old equipments.」

「I got them——」

Momohina seemed to be showing off her hat, while shaking her head and twirling the staff in her hands.

「I really like this——」

「That is really good, Momohina.」

My expression became abit ugly. Although the screws in Momhina’s head are abit loose, but I am satisfied that she is not as annoying as Ichika.

「What is with that “that is really good”!」

The naggy Ichika used the end of her staff to knock on the stone pavement.

「I am asking you now. We trained seriously to become a Priest and Mage, but what is with you!」

「Ahhh, you are talking about that.」

「What you are talking about that! Didn’t you say you will choose one job from Warrior, Dread Knight, Paladin?」

「I did say that perhaps I will choose one from Warrior, Dread Knight, Paladin but I did not say I will definitely become one.」

「So, you didn’t become it huh…...」

Ichika seemed like she had taken a heavy blow. Isn’t she always nagging at someone, why is such a person so weak in her mental state?

「Forget it, there is no difference. We can talk about it later.」

「...... how can there be no difference!?」

「Let’s go, oi. This is our first battle yo, first battle.」

I walked towards the direction of the north gate with a nonchalant attitude.

After I walked a few steps——


Ichika caught up from behind to talk to me, in the end after I decide to ignore her due to it being troublesome——


She kept, kept, kept repeating this word.

This girl is really troublesome. There is no choice, so I spoke after leaving the north gate while continuing to move.


I answered in a short sentence.

「Which guild did you enter?」

「If you really want to know, then you can guess.」

「I want to guess, I want to guess——」

Although I did not look back, but Momohina is probably jumping around, while raising her hand.

「Okay, Momohina, you can guess.」



「Then—— a ladybug!」

「A bug huh? Why would it be a bug?」

「Hmm——that—— that—— Maneki-neko!」(TL note: the cat that waves in the fortune)

「How can there be such a guild.」

「There isn’t?」

「Of course there can’t be one…...」

Ichika took in a deep breath with a lot of force.

「That is enough of the jokes, hurry up and tell us the answer. Kisaragi, which guild did you join?」

Outside the city gate, is a place of wildness.

Among the wildness, there is a path that seems like it was forcefully made. And at the end of it, is the forest.

Although, it can’t be seem from here, but once you walked about 4km northwest, you can reach a city called Damrow. Although it is called a city, but there isn’t anyone living there. It is the nest of another race called Goblins.

「I will only give you a hint.」

I turned my head to look at Ichika and Momohina.

「I am not anything other than me, so it is natural that I don’t intend to become anything other than me, and there is no need to do so. In short, that is it.」

「...... huh?」

Ichika opened her eyes and mouth wide open, making a somewhat amazing expression.

「What is that, are you trying to act cool?」

「I know!」

Momohina raised her hand and I pointed to her for her to speak.

「Okay, Momohina can answer.」

「The guild that Kisaragi joined—— is called Me Guild!」

「You are correct.」

「I am right——」

「Huh, wait…...」

Ichika shook for a moment as though she was about to faint.

「That….. Means what, huh? Me…… Guild? Oh…...」

「There is no difference, it is fine. Regarding that, we can leave it to later.」

「So I am saying, how can it be fine…….」

「Don’t show a dumb expression okay? A rare beauty is being destroyed by your hands.」

「B..bbbbbb…… beauty, I am not some beauty!」

「What are you nervous about, I am just joking.」

「A joke!?」

「Uh? What Ichika, don’t tell me that you really think that you are a beauty?」

「I..I didn’t! And moreover I am not a beauty!」

「Then that is fine.」

「Y..yes that is fine…...」

While feeling that this girl is really troublesome, I took another step forward.

After sometime, Ichika’s 「Oi.」 began again.

「...... what exactly do you want? Can’t you just shut up and follow?」

「Why do I have to shut up and follow behind a person like you?」

「Then you don’t have to follow.」

Ichika suddenly become quiet. This girl is not nagging because she has some leading personality or a plan she wants to realise. So she should have just listen to me honestly.

「...... oi.」

「Why are you still “oi”?」

「Is it really fine with just 3 of us?」


「The so-called party, isn’t there always 5 or 6 people? Aren’t 3 people too little?」

What Ichika is saying is what the Commander of the Volunteer Army—— Bri-chan, also Britanny mentioned. The majority of the volunteer soldiers indeed does their duty in 5-6 men parties.

Although it is rare, but there are some volunteer soldiers who acted alone like a lone wolf and there are some 2,3 and 4 men parties around.

「I say…...」

I scratched my head with some frustration.

「The so-called volunteer soldiers, majority of them are people like us who came from somewhere and then under the situation where there is nothing else and so they can only become volunteer soldiers right?」

「Of course I know such things.」

「We are the newest batch of volunteers, so to say other than us, the others are much more experienced than us.」

「So the others are all our seniors? As long as we join them and let them guide us, it will be fine right?」

「I am really sorry.」

When I said that, Momohina tilted her head with a face of confusion.

「Why does Kisaragi have to apologize?」

「I say Momohina, I am not apologising, the “I am really sorry” is referring to—— ah—— 」

It is really tiring to speak to idiots but it’s better than the troublesome woman.

「Anyway I hate those who pretend they are some proud senior, and like saying alot of stuff like some idiot. And those companions of those people, majority of them like to force others to accept their way of doing stuff. I have my own style and I don’t really want others to nag to me.」

Ichika said with disdain and fed up expression:

「Those words of yours is purely saying that if you don’t become a general of Miyama, then you will not be able to accept it.」(TL note: not sure what this is referring to but probably a honorable or top position)

「You can say anything you want, no matter what a girl like you said, I don’t feel anything.」

「So can you don’t refer me as “girl”? Because once I hear it, I get angry.」

I ignore her sentence directly.

「Anyway, that is how it is. If you really want those seniors to accept you, I will not stop you, you can do whatever you like.」

I put it to her directly and just as I expected, Ichika did not have plans to leave. She is probably thinking in her mind「Even if you say that…...」or「What should I do if I leave alone…...」something like that, so after thinking and thinking, she is unable to make a decision. Being lead around by the nose and then unable to leave due to hesitation, Ichika is such a person.

She is not a stupid or clumsy person, and her looks are not bad, but yet her confidence is very low.

No confidence in herself.

A girl like that, will probably say some weak words like「I can’t do anything without you.」towards a useless man and then have those weak thoughts「really, you can’t do it without me by your side」, then after giving everything, she will be abandoned immediately.

So to say, my combat forces are this troublesome girl, and the who know what she is thinking—— or rather not thinking, the girl who has nothing in her brain.

Forget it, it is better than nothing. There is a saying, the able man steps forward, moreover the person using these 2 is not anyone but me, so there will be some way.

I brisk walked forward.

I quite like walking, just walking alone, I can walk for hours straight without stopping. Compared to strolling, I preferred brisk walking.

Walking aimlessly makes one happy and the condition of the body will also become better.

Just as the feeling of walking got better, why did it come again?


I ignored the first time.


I also ignored the second time

「Oi, did you hear that!」

I snorted.

「......What, you are annoying.」

「Where do you intend to go? You should at least have the duty to explain.」

「Duty, duty, duty——」

Momohina sung and sung, and even began to dance some weird dance.

「Duty, duty, duty, duty! Duty, duty, duty, duty!」

I laughed loudly.


Momohina revealed an embarrassed look while Ichika is——

「Now is not the time to laugh!」

She roared with a red face.

Momohina felt depressed.

「Sorry——Ichikakaka. Because I suddenly want to dance!」

「..... I should be the one to apologise, for shouting at you with such a loud voice. But I am not angry at Momohina.」

「I say Ichika, you allowed her to call you Ichikakaka, don’t you think that it is longer than saying Ichika.」

「Be..because Momohina said she wanted to say it like that, so…...」


Momohina placed her hands on her waist with a proud look.

「That is one of my proud work—— Ichichikaka——ka.」

「Indeed it is a good work. Great, luckily I am a normal Kisaragi.」

「Why I am Ichichikakaka…...」

「Okay—— Ichichikakaka, stop with it with the boring topic —— let’s go let’s go, hurry hurry, move it.」

「Wait, you did not tell me where we are going. And, don’t call me Ichikakaka.」

Ichika’s expression is stern and serious. Why so serious, so troublesome.

「According to the information I got, trainee volunteer soldiers should gather experience at the forest or Damrow right? But we have already passed the forest, and Damrow isn’t in this direction right?」


I nodded and said to Ichika

「Because I don’t intend to go to the forest or Damrow.」


「You are either complaining about something or being afraid of it, you are really busy.」

「I.. I am not afraid!」

「I say.」

Sighing, I used my my index finger to tap on my brain.

「Use your brain to think. There are only animals and mud goblins in the forest right? Damrow is the old nest of the goblins. No matter where, there are only small fries?」

「...... isn’t small fries good? Isn’t it good to fight with the weak first?」

「Then I am really sorry.」

I suddenly pointed at Momohina.

「Just to be clear, just now that sorry is not an apology, so don’t misunderstand, understood? Momohina.」

「Okay, teacher——」

「Well answered, I like straight-forward people.」



Ichika’s face looks abit pale.

「Where do you intend to head to? Where are you bringing us…...」

Slowly, I used my finger to point towards the north.

「The castle that Dead Head is in charge of. The first that I want to eliminate, are the orcs.」

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