YABYS Chapter 3

Part 1
Matari•Art, is a member of the Art family that everyone knows in the Art Town.

200 years ago, the person who created the barrier around the surroundings of the underground labyrinth is her ancestor——G・Art.

To acknowledge his noble deed of preventing the demons from attacking the surface, the name “Art” was preserved.

Why would a daughter of a family with such a honorable history, bring a sword and explore the dangerous labyrinth?

The answer is simple, she is the daughter of a concubine.

There are a total of 3 heirs to the head of the Art Family. The eldest brother Reyken, the youngest brother Shidamo and Matari who was the precautionary choice.

After Reyken・Art who was her brother of another mother became the family head, Matari was chased out soon after.

The moment when the family head was successfully passed on, Matari’s role has ended. The looks that they sent towards Matari, were like announcing that: ”you are useless now.”

Reyken gave her her next role, or end.

——If you want to be recognised as a member of the Art Family, then go and get some suitable reputation; before you obtain that kind of honour, then there is no need for you to return.

The farewell for Matari, were weapons that are heavily covered in dust and 10 silver coins.

Matari who had no way of earning money, had no other choice; now the era is not a naive one that could allow a 10 odd young girl to survive alone.

But seemingly due to her natural optimism and her good nature——”If you have nowhere to go, then come to my house!”—— just like that, she was forcefully brought to the Art Family nanny’s home.

Matari helped the nanny with her house chores, farming, taking care of kids, and also begin to self learn sword skills. She repeatedly wielded her worned out weapon, strengthened her body, and ran everyday with her armour; No matter if it is sunny or rainy, she began to train continuously everyday.

After a year of being under her nanny’s care, a certain day after that, the nanny introduced the man, Rob to Matari. Rob is the guildmaster of the Warrior Guild, although his character is bad, but he is first rate in teaching sword skills.

Rob who was tanned black seems to be completely uninterested in training Matari, but after the nanny glared at him for a while, he accepted it unwillingly.

Rob began “training” Matari from the basic of swordplay.

In the past he had tested Matari before, and the sword skills she displayed was too tragic, hence Rob decided to correct her self taught skills.

Correcting the posture of holding the sword, practising the method to move, wielding the sword continuously at the straw dummy; also at the same time undergo very scary physical training. Matari was dead tired everyday, but she still desperately persist on.

After Rob, who was initially unmotivated, saw Matari’s good physical and her clean ways of swinging her sword, he gradually admitted that she has the talent to become a warrior, and became serious and motivated in training her. Perhaps the part that he was most mindful, was Matari’s relentless strong will.

From the second day onwards, the contents of Rob’s training raised a node.

The basics of attacking and defending, the methods of judging the distance between each other, the methods of using shield to make consecutive attacks, how to change weapons during battle and how to fight with multiple enemies…...

Conducting so many simulated battles with Rob until one could feel tired of it, Matari’s sword skills also made great improvements because of it.

For Rob to become Matari’s sword skill mentor, it can be considered as fortunate for her.

When she questioned him why he trained her so passionately, she got a reply like ”Just like you, I was also under the care of that granny; it is just something when I was young” that hid his shyness.

As a mention, Rob is married, and after a long time then Matari realise her nanny’s niece is Rob’s wife.

When Matari is 20, Rob gave a valuation to Matari that “even if you enter the labyrinth, you wouldn’t die within a week” kind of valuation.

Matari thought, so it is finally time? A place in Art that you can obtain honour and reputation—— that is the underground labyrinth.

Shidamo・Art who gave up the chance of succeeding the family head and left the house alone, seems to have entered the Yuzu Kingdom army. Shidamo is a very smart person and Matari will often consult him. Matari believed that by his ability, he will obtain great honour.

On the other hand, even if it is just flattery words, Matari’s mind is not considered smart; she can’t use magic, the only thing that she can be proud of as a girl is her big figure, and the sturdy body that she had which had never gotten an illness before.

Then to Matari, this is indeed the only path that she can take—— the path that she should take, which is the path of the sword.

She wants to reach the deepest part of the underground labyrinth, and prove to everyone that she is the most outstanding warrior! Then she will be able to return to the Art Family; Her brother Reyken will also acknowledge her. Then the 2 of them will resist against the rumours that “the Art has fallen”, causing the Art Family to prosper again!

Shidamo who went to the Yuzu Kingdom will definitely also help, then everyone will be able to live again together.

Matari made up her mind.

Matari expressed her thanks towards her nanny and left some gifts, then after bidding farewell again, Matari left the home that she stayed for 5 years spiritedly.

“If you want to come back, you can do so anytime!” even though the voice of her nanny, who is sobbing and trembling, that came from behind her, made her very reluctant, but still Matari did not turn back.

She has already decided, to never look back before accomplishing her own goal.

As though she is cutting apart her confusion, she dashed towards the Star Church with her full might. If you want to challenge the labyrinth, then you have to get the recommendation letter for entering the guild.

Of course she is prepared to enter the Warrior Guild. After she was under the care of Rob, even if it is just a little, Matari also wished to repay him.

Matari who reached the Star Church, met with a self-proclaimed hero, over-confident and aggressive for victory girl.

Is that meeting considered fortunate or unfortunate for Matari? ——Now, there is still no answer for it.

Matari panically helped Yuushu who suddenly lost her balance and fell; Now Yuusha did not have that aggressive expressive, but rather a week and empty expression which is looking at some unknown place. After Matari supported her shoulder, Yuusha regain her mind suddenly and said some mischievous words to cover over it.

“I am really sorry ah. Due to my hangover, my legs are unable to muster some strength; it is already fine. Thanks to this gorgeous somersault, it has disappeared.”

“Is it really fine?”

“Of course it is. Next should we buy the necessary tools then enter the labyrinth? Hurry up and lead the way.”

Yuusha slapped Matari’s armour hard, and pushed her forward from the back; although Matari is still a bit concerned, but she still brought Yuushu to the tool shop that was ran by her acquaintance.

That is a store that Matari frequents when she buys stuff; although the choices are not much, but the owner will teach Matari the use of the antidote and tools, and occasionally he will give Matari some discount.

In the town of Art with so much different types of stores mixed together, if you want to find a decent store, it is very tiring—— this was Matari’s personal experience, and she had bought many seemingly medical herbs but only ending up to be fake grass.

Buying goods which are actually fakes, buying things with a high price which are actually cheap, or obviously expensive goods being bought at a cheap price; the agreements between a few stores to raise the prices together; buying in dirty goods and then selling them back as authentic products—— these kind of things are quite common in Art Town.

This place is under the Star Church so the countries will not interfere with it. As long as you donate a huge amount to the church, then they will give you a suitable amount of freedom. Hence when the development is prospering, the public security is also deteriorating.

Hoodlums, bandits walk the streets as adventurers; kids who were abandoned by prostitutes gathers and lives their lives as though on a strand.

Many are looking for the chance when someone will let down their guard, as long as their guard is down, then their fortunes will be stolen; there are even people who are willing to kill for money.

Light and Darkness: in the shadows of the brightness of the town, there must be countless of evil lurking within.

~~~~~~~~~~~to be continued

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